Baking Classes Q&A 芭芭拉•工房 “烘焙课程”

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is everyone eligible for registration? Can I sign up without a baking foundation?
    We do not have specific registration rules and restrictions on students. Barbara Baking Studio has had all kinds of customers before. We’ve had students who bake as their hobby, home baking merchants, and many foreign baking teachers.

    Regardless of men, women and children, you are welcome to sign up with or without experience.

  2. Can we sell products or use Barbara’s recipes for teaching after class?
    Home bakers or merchants can direct sell our products. For teaching purposes, copy right of our recipes must be attached since each recipe is developed by Barbara herself.

    Permission must be obtained from our company for publishing and commercial purposes of our recipe. We reserve the right to take legal actions if our recipes were published without permission to protect the interests of our company.

  3. I want to register; how do I make payment?
    Go to our webpage, to register as a member, select the course you want to sign up for. Refer to our Payment Instruction page at

    Once we have verified the payment, we will add you into our class group for the upcoming class.

  4. Is Barbara Baking Studio "online course" live or pre-recorded?
    Every online course of Barbara Baking Studio is a recorded video. Students can play back unlimited times, anytime and anywhere. The purpose is for you to be able to watch the video and study/review in your own time, and the video will not be deleted.

  5. Barbara Baking Studio "online course" is based on what language is it taught in?
    For Video: Mainly in Chinese with English subtitles

  6. Is the recipe in Chinese or English?
    For Recipe: Mainly in Chinese and in English recipes will be provided by us through the class group.

  7. Can I ask questions after taking Barbara Baking Studio "online course"?
    If you have any questions, you can of course ask in the group at any time. All questions will be answered by Barbara herself during working hours. (Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm)

    Students can also enter related questions into the search bar for frequently asked questions. This way, some questions will be answered without delay.

  8. Are the ingredients for Barbara Baking Studio "online course" easy to find in Malaysia?
    Certain imported ingredients used in the course can be purchased from our online shop and delivered directly to your door step (COD is not available).

  9. What if the ingredients used in the "online course" are not sold by Barbara Baking Studio?
    We will share the full list of ingredients to you with links to the supplier for your shopping convenient. We will not be responsible for ingredient that are not sold by Barbara Baking Studio.

Q&A  芭芭拉•工房 “烘焙课程” 

Q. 是不是所以人都符合报名资格?没有烘焙基础能报名吗? 
 A: 我们没有特定报名规矩与限制学生. 芭芭拉•工房一直以来都没有特定的顾客群 有为兴趣学习的学生, 有做买卖的家庭烘焙商人 也有不少国外烘焙老师来上课进修. 无论男女老少,有没经验都欢迎报名体验哦. 
由于每款食谱都是由芭芭拉亲自研发, 如果学生上课后想要用作教学用途 或售卖食谱必须附上我们食谱的版权费. 若没有用合法途径得到我们的 食谱与食谱版权而擅自将食谱公开在网络 或是没经过我们允许而将食谱用作商业用途 我们不排除将会保留法律追究权利以 保障我们公司个方利益. 
Q: 我想要报名, 请问如何注册汇款呢? A: 只需要到我们的网页, 注册成为会员, 选择你想要报名的课程 然后付款后把照片拍起来发收据发到我们的 FB Fan Page Inbox. 我们就会安排妳到群主里上课了. 
Q:芭芭拉•工房 “线上课程” 是live还是视频? 
A:芭芭拉•工房每堂线上课程是已经录制好的视频,学生可随时随地无限Playback. 重点是可配合你们自己的时间观看学习/复习, 视频将不会被删除. 
Q:芭芭拉•工房的 “线上课程” 是以什么语言教学?食谱是中文还是英文? 
A1:视频教学语言:华语 & 英文字幕 
Q:上完芭芭拉•工房 “线上课程”后可以发问吗? 
A:如果遇到不明白的问题当然可随时在群里发问, 所有问题将会是芭芭拉本人亲自在上班时间内亲自为学生解答.(星期一至六 早上10点-傍晚5点 ) 学生也可在搜索键输入相关问题看有没有之前学生已发问过, 哪也就可以随时轻易得到答案哦. 
Q:芭芭拉•工房 “线上课程” 食材在马来西亚容易找得到吗?
A:课程里用到的国外进口原料都可从我们网店WWW.BARBARABAKINGSTUDIO.MY 购买 然后直送你家门口 (不面交). 那如果"线上课程" 使用到的原料是芭芭拉•工房没有售卖的呢?我们会把一些特别而我们又没有售卖的原料 Link/店名 逐一list出来分享到群内以方便学生到该处购买.