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Barbara Jenn

Origin ofBarbara Workshop

A wayward baker living in a hidden corner of Kuala Lumpur Barbara Jen runs a small baking workshop that opens irregularly.

The shop isn't neither luxuriously renovated nor is it ordinary.

But I still enjoy myself here when developing new recipes.

Since young, my wonderful childhood memory is often wandering around in the kitchen with my mother who specialized in Japanese Cuisine in Tokyo.

My Working Holiday in England also given me the opportunity to explore, it was a great cultural experience and I was exposed to a wide variety of dishes, dessert and taste that expanded my knowledge.

From then onwards I started to love explore baking and food in different country to be adventurous with my taste buds, as I believe it’s brought people from different cultures together, just like a universal language.

I also like to discover special ingredients & cooking tools from all over the world. Hence created this platform for those who share the same interest.

To me, there is no right or wrong, no run-of-the-mill cooking formula,

I never like to confine myself to the regular recipes, I always feel that one should not be too rigid when baking, and a relaxed and happy mood is the key to making delicious desserts.

Man’s sense of taste is inseparable from our memory of experiences.

Today, whether you are interested in baking for leisure or cake-baking business, i hope that my original collection of baking course able to help you with the right path.

I am happy to be sharing with you all these my own invention and what I love, I hope you give them a try and they become a part of your life.

Inspire you to cook and enjoy with high quality and easy-to-follow recipes.

The courses or products selected by Barbara are very uncommon in the market.

Everything that is recommended has not been altered or changed from Barbara's philosophy.

“Simple happiness thru the ordinary taste of life not only open one’s mouth but also the heart, drawing one another closer….”

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