The Orangette Rice Dessert Beginning Online Class 【橙子米甜品•首堂入门线上课程】

The Orangette Rice Dessert Beginning Online Class 【橙子米甜品•首堂入门线上课程】

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🍊Orange Tea Marmalade🍊

(used to make soda, bread/scones)

Inspired by Japanese yuzu tea marmalade .

Orange tea marmalade is rich in nutrients and has its own unique aroma. Marmalade jam does not waste any ingredients because both orange pulp and orange peel are used. In terms of taste, it is not only sweet but also sour with slightly bitter, rich and refreshing.

For the Japanese, this kind of carefully crafted hand-made jam is very precious, and it is often given as a souvenir to friends.

In addition to serving as jam with bread snacks, you can also dilute it with water. It will taste like yuzu marmalade tea. Recently I tried to use it for cooking and my husband likes it very much. I also recommend that you try to make it with lemon or mandarin orange



(可制作汽水, 面包/司康抹酱)


橙子茶蜜果酱营养丰富同时也有著属于自己独特的香气, 加入一点在已泡好的午后红茶,



橙肉和橙皮都需要. 口感方面, 更不是死甜,而是酸甜中带微苦, 清新丰富. 在日本人心中这种用心熬製的手作特珍贵, 常会当成伴手礼送给友人.

除了可以当果酱配面包点心, 又能冲水喝. 真的很像柚子茶蜜的口感, 最近试著用它做料理我老公也特别喜欢, 也建议大家换去柠檬或橘子制作试试看哦



🍊Orange Plup 🍊

(used to make konnyaku jelly, jam, orange tower, etc...) After removing the white film(albuginea), put slices of crystal-clear orange pulp to go together with pancake, making it more vibrant! Even babies can take the orange pulp after their meals.


🍊橙肉切割 🍊



放在Pancake上作摆盘, 点心瞬间小清新起来!





🍊 Candied orange peel 🍊

(used to make cakes, cookies, bread, etc...)

The chemical reaction produced by dicing it into cubes and soaking them in orange liquor, this gives a slightly sweet and bitter taste and aroma which is very uplifting!


The market price per kilogram of original sliced candied orange peel sold in Japanese bakery ingredient stores is actually ¥6400, which is regarded as a high-end ingredient by the locals.














🍊Candied orange slices🍊

(used to make cakes, fruit teas, snacks or decorations, etc.)

The orange slices that have been candied are air dried to decorate cakes and beverages. In addition to being a snack, add a few slices into your tea for a surprise







除了当零食, 平日泡茶的时候加几片更有惊喜