Iberico Napori Pizza (No bake)

  🎀(NO knead) Pizza dough recipe🎀
            🛒  High Gluten Flour - 200g
                            Salt - 4g
                      🛒  Yeast - 1g
                            Water - 130g
                         Olive Oil - 10g
1. Mix the above ingredients in a large bowl to form a dough.
2. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment until double in size.
3. Take it out and flatten the exhaust.
4. Divide into two parts, cover with a clean damp cloth,
Rest for 10 minutes.
5. Put the dough in a pan and make it into a pizza shape.
6. Prick a hole in the middle with a fork.
7. Spread tomato sauce, put mozzarella cheese and olives.
8. Cover with a lid, low heat - 10 minutes, medium low heat - 5 to 8 minutes.
9. Slightly burnt the surface with a musket, add Iberico ham and baby spinach. It's done!
⚠️You can also put your favorite ingredients, if you have seafood, you should put them together in step 7!
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  🎀~pizza 面团食谱~🎀

    高筋面粉- 200g
 盐- 4g
  酵母 -1g
 水- 130ml

  橄榄油- 10g

1. 将以上的食材放在大碗里面混合成团.
2. 盖上保鲜膜,发酵至两倍大.
3. 拿出来压扁排气.
4. 分割成两份,盖上干净的湿布,
5. 把面团放在平底锅,做成pizza形状.
6. 中间用叉子刺洞洞.
7. 涂上番茄酱,放和mozzarella cheese,橄榄。
8. 盖上盖子,小火- 10分钟,中小火-5至8分钟。
9. 用火枪把表面微焦,加上Iberico黑毛猪ham和 baby spinach. 就完成喇!


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