Barbara's【Sous Vide Shōchū Awabi Isoyaki】 Recipe

【Sous Vide Shōchū Abalone Isoyaki】

Ingredients :
🛒Sanriku Natural Live Abalone-10pcs
Gold Flake - Decoration 
Ginger slices - 8 slices
Spring onion - 1
Water - 500ml

Ingredients for Isoyaki sauce :
Japanese bonito broth - 250ml
Shochu - 75ml
Mirin - 1 tbsp
🛒 Hiroshima Fuji oyster sauce - 1 tbsp
Japanese Soy Sauce (Thick Mouth) - 20ml
🛒Chuzarato Sugar- 10g
Water - 80ml

Clean the abalone with a brush,
Add ginger and green onion to boil, boil the abalone for about 2 minutes,
Soak into ice water, use a spoon to pick up the abalone meat, remove the internal organs and mouth. 
Put the abalone and sauce in a glass jar, and close the lid
Adjust the sous vide cook stick to 80°C ~ cook for 2 hours (if the abalone wants to be softer, you need to adjust the time yourself), put it in the refrigerator and soak it overnight before eating it, it will be more delicious.

🛒Black Abalone - 78°C for 42 hours (soaked for 24-30 hours)
🛒 Baby Abalone - 80°C for 2 hours (soak for 6-24 hours)

🎀 I hope you will like Barbara's delicious recipe 🎀

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