Barbara's 【Sakura Shrimp Taro Cake】 by Thermomix

Although it is more convenient to buy outside...But we can always added more ingredients by ourselves doing it at home
To be honest Chinese traditional pastry has never been my strong point luckily I had my German Maid to help me up 🥰
It's so delicious after pan fried until crispy on the both side, How can I stop my mouth? 😋‼
Hurry up and prepare the ingredients, try to make it for your family💗
〰️ 💛Barbara’s Recipe 💛 〰️
Sakura shrimp-20g
Five-spice powder-1 & 1/2 tsp
Shallots-5 pcs
Rice Flour-240g
Corn Strach- 50g
Salt- 1 & 1/2
White Pepper- 1/2 tsp
For surface of the taro cake:
Spring Onion
Fried shallots
Sakura shrimp (toasted in a dry pan)
〰️700ml water for steaming taro cake〰️
1. Add shallots in mixing bowl-Turbo 1 Sec
2. Add oil and cook for 10 minutes/V/Spd
3. Add taro, five spice powder, cherry shrimp 8 minutes/v/spd
4. Pour out the 1/3 taro and set aside.
5. Add the in rice flour batter and cook for 5 minutes/120c/spd
6. Add the taro from step 4 and stir evenly into the mold
Pour the whole thing into a mould and put the Foil on it.
7. Add 700ml of water to the tm bowl and steam for 45 minutes/v/spd2
8. After steaming, wait for it to cool completely, then it can be demoulded and sprinkle with spring onions, fried onions and sakura prawns.
9. You can also pan frying on both sides until crispy before serve.
🦐 Sakura  Ebi 🦐

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