Barbara's【 Ichigo Okara Shortcake】Recipe (No Bake)

🍓Ichigo Okara Shortcake (No bake)🍓
🛒Okara powder (Super Fine -) 45g
🛒Baking Powder (Aluminium Free) - 9g
Pink Food Powder (Optional) - a little bit
🛒Locanto Sugar - 45g
Corn Oil - 3 Tbsp
Egg (AA) - 3 nos
Method :
1. Prepare a 18cm bundt cake mould grease with butter. Set aside.
2.In a dry clean bowl, mix all. Ingredients and mix until well combine.
Thermomix 1min spd5
(You can use hand whisk or normal blender to process this step)
3.Pour the batter in to cake mould, cover with cling wrap.
4.Steam on boiling water for 30mins.
(Thermomix 30min V spd3)
5.Unmould immediately once done, and let the cake dry on cooling rack.
6.Cut the cake into 2 slices and brush some kirschwasser.
Whipped Cream:
Whipping Cream (35.1% fat) - 500ml
🛒Icing Sugar - Dusting
Chill the thermomix mixing bowl for 1hr before hand.
Add whipping cream, condensed milk, snow sugar into thermomix mixing bowl and insert the butterfly. Whip it up at spd3 for 2mins & 15secs.

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