Barbara's【Ichigo Mille Feuille】Recipe

🍓 Ichigo Mille Feuille 🍓
苺のミルフィーユ ♪
Frozen Puff Pastry - 4 sheets (19cm x 12cm)
Sugar - 4 tsp
1. Thaw frozen pastry at room temperature for 10min. 
2.Egg wash 1 side of the puff pastry and put the other sheet puff pastry then gently press and make it stick together.
3.Prick both side (Top & Bottom) with a fork. 
4.Pre heat non stick cooking 🛒pan 3 mins over low heat. 
5.Lay a parchment paper in the pan then add the soften puff pastry sheet on the parchment paper.
6.Cover with lid and cook each side over low heat for 13 mins.
7.After open the lid and that gently press and with spatula until the puff pastry well cook & become crispy and golden brown colour.
8.Add 1 tsp sugar each side and cover the parchment paper on top and weight with smaller size pan. Cook for another 3 mins or until the sugar caramelised.
(Its very easy to burn, so please check on it) 
Vanilla Pastry Cream :
🛒Hokkaido Milk (Cold) - 300ml
Rum - 1/2 tsp
Vanilla extract - Few Drops
1. Mix Custard cream powder and cold hokkaido milk mix with a whisk until the texture become thick and smooth then following add the rum and vanilla extract mix it well. At the end you will get bout 435g Custard Cream.
Whipping Cream :
Hokkaido Milk (Cold) - 66ml
1. In a mixing bowl add both ingredients together and mix with hand mixer until soft peak.
2.Mix together with the Custard Cream.
When done then chill the whole cake overnight in fridge. 
🎀Hope you like Barbara's Recipe🎀

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