Barbara•Ocoo Version Jap Indian Curry Recipe『芭拉拉•日版印度咖哩』作り方

    Barbara•Ocoo Version Jap Indian Curry Recipe                     『芭拉拉•日版印度咖哩』作り方                

This savory and hearty Japanese version Indian beef curry made with beef, apple puree, potatoes, carrots, Onion, curry roux and the secret ingredient Chocolate!! 

Adapted to Japanese taste, it’s milder, sweeter with a stew-like texture. Even children enjoy it thoroughly!

So below is my method for making Japanese curry at home with my Ocoo Low Pressure Cooker, it's the easy, fast, and lazy way. You have to give this easy recipe a try !! 

Ingredients :

Beef - 300g 

Apple Puree - A medium apple 

Carrot - 200g

Potato -300g

Onion - 250g

Chocolate - 40g

Curry Choux - 100g ( 6 cubes ) 

Water - 50g

Added all ingredients into the pot and turn on the "Nutrition Stew" mode (2:10 hrs)

When times up just stir until the chocolate is melted and incorporated.

                                   Happy Cooking !
                 I hope you will love my recipe. 💗 

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