Wafu classic chizukeki 和風焼きチーズケーキ (9S)

Wafu classic chizukeki 和風焼きチーズケーキ (9S)

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Japan's ancient Showa-style cheesecake has a super delicate texture. The cheese part is mellow and melts in your mouth. The combination of cream and Wasanbon has a super rich texture and makes you feel full of happiness in every bite.




Wafu classic Chizukeki 『和風焼きチーズケーキ』

Sorry !我不是basque cheesecake。

Wafu classic 『和風焼きチーズケーキ』

使用 🇯🇵德岛阿波 #和三盆糖 去代替普通白糖,呈现出来的味道很 Muji 亦不失经典!💗


Wafu classic Chizukeki 『和風焼きチーズケーキ』

Sorry! I am not a basque cheesecake.
It is often mistaken for Basque by guests~~

its name is
Wafu classic 『Japanese Style Yaki きチーズケーキ』
It is a traditional Japanese cheesecake.
It is not difficult to see it in various dessert shops in Japan.

The taste is creamy with a bit of buttery...
Use 🇯🇵德岛雅波 #Wasanbon Sugar to replace ordinary white sugar, the taste presented is very Muji and classic! 💗