Hippo - yaki (s) 窯焼きチーズケー

Hippo - yaki (s) 窯焼きチーズケー

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Kamayaki Camembert Cheesecake



ケーキの見た目がとても可愛いのは言うまでもありません。 見ているだけで虜になってしまう質感です。 表面は香ばしく焼き上げられた味わい、中はもちもちで繊細、一口食べると濃厚な層を感じられます。

This is our store’s signature cheesecake, a kiln-baked camembert cheesecake! It exudes a unique caramel aroma and has an indescribable chewy texture.


our signature Cheesecake in Hippo Shape looks very cute. It has a texture that will captivate you just by looking at it. The surface is fragrant after baked in kiln oven, the inside is chewy and delicate, and when you take a bite, you can feel the rich layers.